I Ain’t Buying It.

Matthew French
On Monday the Privileges and Elections subcommittee heard for the fist time the proposed constitutional amendment called the “Right to Acquire” Amendment. If adopted it would give you the consumer the right to acquire the foods of your choice, with an emphasis on choice. The point of this hearing was to discuss the merits of the proposal.
It was standing room only.
The same old tired faces showed up to oppose the amendment: Farm Bureau, Virginia Agribusiness Counsel, Virginia Dairyman’s Association et. al. And they brought with them the same old worn out lines: we will lose our USDA standing, people will be dying in the streets, agriculture is our biggest export – we can’t risk losing that, panic, mayhem, anarchy!
Well, at least a few of the delegates in the room have a level head. Del. David Ramadan told the lobbyist, “I ain’t buying it.” You can watch the whole video below to hear his full comments.

Facebook Video

Matthew French is a farmer in southwest Virginia. He and his family operate their 200-year old farm where they raise pastured poultry, free-range pigs, grass-fed lamb and a variety of vegetables. You can find more from him at www.thefrenchfamilyfarm.com


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