The Christmas Season Is Upon Us

By Bernadette Barber – With the Christmas season upon us, many of us reflect on the poor and hungry.  It is the Christ like thing to do.  It is a charitable thing to do.  If you are reading this, you probably own a computer and live in a warm home.  Many Virginians don’t and they  live in poverty with hunger at every turn. You can change that forever, not by giving money to the next food charity who asks for a IMG_0152.JPGdonation,  but by making one phone call, to your delegate  and ask him or her to  co-patron –  HB1290  the Virginia Food Freedom Act. This bill will alleviate poverty and hunger.  It will benefit the health of all.   We need freedom.

Our most vulnerable are children of single mothers.  Many single mothers have access to a kitchen, they are feeding themselves.  Many of them would like the opportunity to make foods they can sell to their friends and neighbors, but the regulatory environment prevents it.  Passage of HB1290 would change their lives overnight- and allow them to create a home-based business where they could still take care of their children and make a living.

The elderly are the next most vulnerable to poverty and hunger.  Many of them have the knowledge and skills to make good healthful traditional foods.  They can not only feed themselves, but feed their neighbors as well,  taking a strike at poverty and hunger with one fell swoop. Many of them grew up with that freedom.  Its time we gave it back to them. How empowering would that be to our senior citizens?   We owe it to them.  Ask yourself, would you like to be on the receiving end of charity or be in a position to care for yourself and others?

We can rebuild our communities- one bite at a time- by passing the Virginia Food Freedom Act. You may not know it but unless a government agent comes to your home, most foods are illegal to sell in VA.  Especially that “Potentially Hazardous”  Christmas favorite-  Pumpkin Pie. Its time we change all that and light up our legislators phones like a Christmas tree….  Ask them to co-patron the Virginia Food Freedom Act HB1290. The most important representatives you have are the 22 members  on the Agricultural Committee, especially the 8 on the Agricultural subcommittee- they have the power to kill the bill- they are the gate keepers.   You can find a complete list of all the contact information here online and below.  THEY are YOUR representatives regarding food and farm issues.  It does not matter if your district representative is not on that board; those members serve the WHOLE state for food and farm issues.  The list of the Agriculture committee is attached.  The members on the subcommittee are written in bold, they need to be called first.  The one with the asterisk , Tommy Wright,  has already co-patroned the bill and needs thank you notes.  He is up against Goliath for doing so, and we need to show him  our support. Lets tell the state of VA, no more hunger  games this Christmas, or any other Christmas.  Lets pass house bill 1290

Delegate Name, Party affiliation, district number, e-mail address,  capitol switchboard phone number, district phone number  

Del. Ed Scott ( R) District 30     804-698- 1030    540-825-6400

Del.Lee Ware (R)65  804-698-1065 804-598-6696

*Del. Thomas C. Wright (R)61  804-698-1061 434-696-3061

Del. Bobby Orrock (R)54 804-698-1054 or 540-891-1322

Del Danny Marshall R14  804-698-1014 434-797-5861

DelCharles PoindexterR9  804-698-1009 540-576-2600

Del. Barry Knight R81 804-698-1081  757-426-6387

Del. James Edmunds R60 804-698-1060  434-476-0077

Del. Tony Wilt (R) District 26   804-698-1026 or 540-437-1450

Del. Will Morefield (R) 3 804-698-1003 or 276-345-4300

Del. Michael Webert R18 804-698-1018 or 540-999-8218

Del. Margaret Ransone R99 804-698-1099 or 804-472-4181

Del.Matthew Fariss R59     804-698-1059 or 434-821-5929

Del. Jackson Miller R50 804-698-1050 or 703-244-6172

Del. Robert Bloxom R100 804-698-1000 or 757-824-3456

Del. Kenneth Plum D36 804-698-1036 or 703-758-9733

Del. David Bulova D37 804-698-1037 or 703-310-6752

Del. Mark Sickles D43 804-698-1043 or 703-922- 6440

Del. Matthew James D80 804-698-1080 or 757-967-7583

Del. Luke Torian D52 804-698-1052 or 703-785-2224

Del. Mark Keam D 35 804-698-1035 or 703-350-3911

Del. Alphonso Lopez (D) 49 804-698-1049 or 571-336-2147

Bernadette Barber and her husband Gary own and operate Tall Trees Farm in the Northern Neck. They view themselves as stewards of God’s green earth and conduct their farm in that light. Following the design of creation their cattle graze in lust verdant pastures; their hogs roam freely in the woods; their chickens and turkeys chase bugs and aerate the soil. She picked up her love for farming from her father who beat leukemia with an organic garden.


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