More Headlines on the Food Freedom Task Force

by Bernadette Barber

The Food Freedom Task Force is making more headlines.  An excellent peice of  journalism covers the conception and background of why we need it.

“The real issue here is the definition of ‘potentially hazardous foods,’ and who controls that definition,” Barber  said.

Currently, this definition is controlled by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. However, Barber said Virginia citizens should have the power to see for themselves how the livestock and produce they consume is made and choose what foods to buy based on that knowledge.

“We want to find foods that our neighbors make. We can inspect the kitchen ourselves,” Barber said. “All we want is to meet the person who is making our food and shake their hand and know that our dollars are staying within our community.”

Read the whole story here  and share it with your friends.

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