ISOs in VA and Bakers Green Acres in Michigan

by Bernadette Barber

Dear Friends,

After two years and pressing $700,000.00 fines looming above him…Mark Baker of Bakers Green Acres is free to raise his hogs.

Please consider donating to Farm to Consumer legal defense.  Story is below.

The ruling stemmed from an ISO ( invasive specie order) from Michigan DNR.

Meanwhile, in Virginia, Del. Danny Marshall Chairman of the  Ag Subcommittee  introduced a bill,  HJ 29,  this year and I suspect it would have laid groundwork for a Pig ISO ( invasive specie order) for Virginia.  It was left in the rules committee.  The reason I suspect it would have laid the groundwork for a VA ISO, was that stories were planted in the media over the past year about feral hogs in VA.  If there is a problem of feral hogs, then open season on them is the answer.  We need more local farmers and more local butcher shops and even on farm processing.

Please be wary, I think he may try to reintroduce it again next year.


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